Masters Original's 

These are the painting's that define me as an artist. The product of the Each one has been my teacher, challenging me to push my work to new levels. I feel that mastery of painting is unobtainable thought the pursuit of mastery is my driving force.  These are 

Happy Places 

Storms in the ocean create a powerful energy that can travel for thousands of miles until that energy is matched with a combination of variables to open up a surreal world only to be tamed  by the most experienced of waterman.

This world is a place where time stands still, 

This world is a place of peace surrounded by utter Chaos, 

This world is a place of complete mental presence and anything less it absorbs you at its mercy.  

This world can be predictable and playful enticing the fairest of challengers. 

This world can be violent and deadly evoking fear upon anyone who dares to enter. 

This world Heals, 

This world Kills,

For many surfers this world becomes their purpose of life, Searching every shoreline of the earth for it. 

Seeking it in its greatest form and getting as close to the turmoil as possible without letting it take control. 

This world is my happy place 

Happy Places is a series of affordable original paintings that recreate this world in all its forms. 



RAW_NESS Original Series 

I hate to waste paint so over the years I've developed a practice that gives me something to do with the left overs and aids my creation process. A meditation that warms my hand and clears my mind for more refined work.  Typically I start my paint days by cleaning up from my previous session I scrape all the excess paint with palette knife and mix it on a spare canvas to let loose all my bottled up inspirations and head clutter of daily life. These paintings all have thick textured paint and are left raw though at times I can get lost in them and add area's of tight detail. 

Raw_Ness is the product of that practice.