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Jeff Lukasik is a self-taught artist and surfer born and raised in a small beach town in San Clemente, California. His diverse portfolio consists of oil paintings, vibrant murals, painted installations, and surfboard art. Much of his work is largely inspired by years of traveling as a professional surfer, his hometown and local community, and his continual exploration and love of the ocean, wildlife, and the natural world.


Growing up, Jeff has always had a passion and curiosity for not only the arts, but also for surfing. He attended San Clemente High School, where he began surfing professionally at a young age. While traveling internationally, he found himself painting his own surfboards and eventually began to paint surfboards for many of the best surfers in the world.


At the age of 19, in the middle of his surfing career, he lost his mother to cancer. He then took his grief and anger and transformed it into art—using painting as his outlet. Painting helped him heal more than anything could, and even with his loss, his passion for life emanated. His artwork explores a freestyle realism of life and nature expressed in vibrant colors. He continues to get his inspiration from his travels—going on road trips in his van that he custom-built and painted, surf trips, dirt biking, and hiking—bringing his studio outdoors.


Jeff’s studio work and murals are exhibited locally throughout town in San Clemente. In the past few years, Jeff worked as a tattoo artist in a local shop, has opened his own personal studio/gallery in town, and in the past couple years - he converted a 27 foot school bus into a tiny home and studio-on-wheels. (@studioroam)

He now is working as a freelance artist specializing in large-scale oil paintings and murals living on the road with his S.O. and their dog! He hopes to further his work to influence an expansion of our local art community with reoccurring art events and more public art. And, eventually be able to utilize it as a tool to build a non-profit organization for both local established and emerging artists to donate their work to people living with cancer.






Banzai Bowls

Broke da Mouth


Local Iguanas Tequila

Lost Surfboards

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