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Murals & Installations

My inspiration for the work I have been doing is all about perspective. I want to create a world to lose yourself in with realistic depth and detail, highlighted by a surrealist vibe to take you away from the stresses of everyday life.


Broke da Mouth Poke in San Clemente

10' x 15'


This was my first mural and it was inspired by the beautiful Hawaiian waters their fish are caught from. I painted this 10’X15’ wall entirely with oil paint and a detail brush. It became a huge influencer of my future work style I call freestyle realism. Combining a hyper-realistic foundation but with a freestyle approach that allows my imagination to create the detail giving it a surrealist feel to get lost in. This mural is accented by reclaimed wood rustic antique decor that really sets the place off and I highly recommend stopping in to check it out and enjoy some would class poke.

“Jah Feel" is a commissioned mural on a 20’X12’ wall done in the back yard of a private residences. This mural was done entirely with oil paint and detail brush without any reference or plan, simply a figment of my imagination. I name this mural “Jah Feel” after their Kitten Jah who hung out with me through the whole process. Jah got lost and months later after looking at the mural the owner recognized a figure in the clouds with a striking resemblance to Jah’s silhouette looking over their yard like he always did from the back fence. Jah’s spirt is forever in this mural and their home for them to remember. Rest Easy Jah.

20' x 12'


Private Residence

"Jah Feel"

"The Nomad Bus"

Nomad Canteen in San Clemente


“The Nomad Bus” is a  is a installation of the back end of a 69 VW Bus that I painted to be hung at the entrance of Nomads Canteen.  Nomads is a one of a kind restaurant located through the south alley of San Clemente’s Main Street, Del Mar. I wanted to give the feel of a tropical rainforest looking out at beautiful beach with waves rolling in.  

"Surf Check"


The mural depicts a man overlooking the horizon in San Clemente. Electric bikes have become a staple in this little surf town and thanks to Murf Electric, it's that much easier and sustainable for me to get from place to place, and well... check the surf. They are a smaller and family-owned, local business with quality parts. They also did an interview with me painting my Murf Bike, pretty cool, check it out!

Murf Electric Bike in San Clemente

Surfing the Olympics

The mural depicts one of those sunsets at the San Clemente Pier that I've come to know so well - with Kolohe Andino and Caroline Marks on the wave. This was one of the three walls commissioned by USA Surf to be painted to commemorate Surfing's debut in the 2021 Olympics - two of them being from San Clemente, CA. 


Nomads Canteen/Hotel Alleyway